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          當前位置:首頁 - 高考 - 2020年上海市高考英語作文預測(關于新型肺炎)


          時間:2020-05-21 18:08:06來源:網絡整理






          參考詞匯:流行病epidemic疫情 epidemicsituation 新冠肺炎 novelcorona-virus pneumonia

          參考范文:I'm Wang Hua, a student in MingQi middle school. I am writing to convey sincerethanks to all of you fighting against novel corona-virus pneumonia.

          These days, you are facing the virus without retraction and compromise. Tired and exhausted, but you have stuck to your posts responsibly. You are taking goodcare of your patients and your carefulness and responsibility, which is thebest manifestation of your devotion to duty. Petitions bear your deep love forour country and people and your loyalty and commitment to your mission. When Iheard of the medical material shortage like masks, protective suits andventilators on the frontline, I burst into tears. I took out my lucky money anddonated it. Moreover, following doctors’ suggestion we all stay at home anddon't run around outside. We don't believe rumors and let alone them. I made myown contribution to the invisible war without smoke. I believe that as long aswe are united, we will win.

          Ihope that you will have to pay attention to your own safety while fightingagainst COVID-19. Once again voice my sincere thanks and respect.


          Li Hua


          預測二:假設你是明啟中學的高三學生李華,將在主題為“Washing HandsFrequently”的班會上發言。請撰寫一篇演講稿,內容需包括:


          參考范文:Hello everyone, I am a senior in high school and my name is Li Hua. It’s my great honor to make a speech about washing hands frequently.

          Wehave been taught to wash our hands frequently since childhood. Washing yourhands frequently benefits our growth. First, it can remove bacteria to avoidgetting sick and spreading bacteria to others. Second, people can prevent thespread of diseases and infections by washing their hands properly. For example,in hospitals, good hand hygiene slows the spread of resistant bacteria. Third,when people wash their hands in the right ways at the right times, it can bemore effective than medication and vaccine. Washing hands well takes only about20 seconds, costs next to nothing, and yet it can prevent serious diseases.

          Thereare simple steps for good hand hygiene and better health: first of all, wethands under running water, then lather hands with soap, rub all surfaces of thehands for about 15-20 seconds, rinse hands thoroughly under running water.Finally, dry your hands with a clean towel.

          Wash hands frequently, save lives colorfully. Only in this way can we ensure ourhealth in the daily life.



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